• "Solid" JD Gould

    "Solid" JD Gould

    The shortest man on the roster, the biggest man in the room. A real Napoleonic complex on this one.
  • "Triple AAA" Alan A. Armstrong

    "Triple AAA" Alan A. Armstrong

    To hear him tell it, he's God's gift to man, women and wrestling.
  • Abbadon


    The cold calculating evil of humanity unchained. Theatric mega heel.
  • Abby Tior

    Abby Tior

    Angry. Brooding. Dark. The Queen of Mean herself.
  • Agent 0range

    Agent 0range

    Brutal, ruthless brawler. Teams with Strychn9ne as BIOHAZARD.
  • Alphonse Omega

    Alphonse Omega

    "All in One" Alphonse Omega is the self proclaimed 'beginning, middle and end' of talent and looks in SAGAA
  • Anarcana


    Metaphysical steampunk hedge wizard, prognosticator for Abbadon and his minions.
  • Aron "The Baron" Bauer

    Aron "The Baron" Bauer

    Inmate #10973-7TF. Ten year sentence for 2nd degree murder. Did the time but didn't change. Life on the inside just made him better at violence, and now he's got a way to get paid for it.
  • Belial


    Brutal, merciless high flyer thug of Abbadon. Teams with Moloch as Legion.
  • Cabo Castigo

    Cabo Castigo

    A South American militant that'd make any contra proud, Castigo is a ruthless fighter and will stop at nothing to see his regime take hold.
  • Calvin Mode

    Calvin Mode

    The painfully stylish artiste fashionista designer extraordinare. Has a famous love/hate relationship with his creative and tag team partner Shepard Sachs as Refined by Design.
  • Contessa Morant

    Contessa Morant

    Real Wrestling Royalty, as she tells it. One of those violent, decadent, eccentric kind of royals.
  • Diedre Grimm

    Diedre Grimm

    Foul-mouthed Londoner hooligan. Significantly strike based offense. Never far from her trademark loaded glove.
  • Donny Lamont

    Donny Lamont

    Lamont's just this guy, you know? The real everyman of SAGAA. "Our Guy" Donny Lamont.
  • Edwin Ratliff

    Edwin Ratliff

    SAGAA's slimy Administrator. Comical coward, but a shrewd businessman and a hard bargainer... when he's got the upper hand.
  • Emeka Mwanga

    Emeka Mwanga

    A power player overseas investor with his eye on SAGAA. He's always on the lookout for his 'Dark Horse' to take SAGAA to the next level. He's not happy to be the #2 sports owner in town, after all.
  • Evan Deus

    Evan Deus

    A rich talented asshole who knows just how rich and talented he is. Smug blue chipper.
  • Frankie Spector

    Frankie Spector

    Frankie Spector, the modern greaser. It's about fast cars, loose women, and a good old fashioned scrap.
  • Giovanni Martino

    Giovanni Martino

    The Mediterranean Menace, The Gun of Navarone himself, Giovanni Martino is a classic militant Italian heel.
  • Horace Mulroy

    Horace Mulroy

    Horace "The Heat" Mulroy is an ex-cop, deadly earnest and without a lick of humor in him. The comically serious straight man in the insane world of wrestling.
  • Janis


    Reigning heel champ, considers herself the pinnacle of women's wrestling; The first among her lessers, the overseer of things, like her namesake.
  • Jigs Mackey

    Jigs Mackey

    MC Lifer and bad news on two wheels. Gun runner, drug dealer, biker muscle with a taste for assault and battery.
  • Kid Kaiju

    Kid Kaiju

    Goofy face, clearly watched too much Godzilla as a child. He's a real Monster. A SAGAA favorite.
  • Marco Spinelli

    Marco Spinelli

    You think the Jersey imitator guys are bad when they're crowding you at the club? Just wait until you're in the ring with one.
  • Mearle Beaumont

    Mearle Beaumont

    He's just a good ol' boy. He's dense, violent, and kind of a goof, but when he's on the drink he's a goddamn mean son of a bitch.
  • Minnie Slaughter

    Minnie Slaughter

    Irreverent roughneck. Famous for her never back down, never say die attitude.
  • Mirko Messik

    Mirko Messik

    Relentlessly upbeat but hopelessly unaware, Mirko Messik is forever the overeager tourist and overconfident ladies' man. "The Bulge Area from Bulgaria" is ready to make himself known.
  • Moloch


    Heartless, violent disciple of Abbadon. Teams with Belial as Legion.
  • Nancy Maya

    Nancy Maya

    A real bruiser of a lady, Maya is a workhorse among the women of SAGAA. Deceptively strong for her size, the self proclaimed "Philippine Princess" is a fixture of the Women's and Tag divisions of SAGAA
  • Nobel Leones

    Nobel Leones

    The 'young lion' of SAGAA. This scrappy high flyer is making quite a name for himself between his male model looks, his rock star attitude, and his unparalleled high flying abilities.
  • Omar Mirage

    Omar Mirage

    You wanna talk the fastest hands in the fed? The fastest feet in the ring? It's Omar Mirage. Don't blink. He's already coming at you from another direction.
  • Oscar Bullitt

    Oscar Bullitt

    Calm. Cool. Clean. Oscar Bullitt is a consummate professional. A hired gun is nothing if he hasn't got a reputation, after all.
  • Penny Dreadful

    Penny Dreadful

    Loud, brash, and kind of endearing in a punk rock sort of way. The fun goth of SAGAA.
  • Raziel


    The chosen champion of Abbadon, selected and molded by him into an avenging archangel at his mercy.
  • Rod "Hot" Rodriguez

    Rod "Hot" Rodriguez

    Big, beefy hispanic superface.
  • Sammi Erin

    Sammi Erin

    Loveable face. Real nerd girl. Always handy for a reference or dumb bit of trivia.
  • Serg Contreras

    Serg Contreras

    Shameless. Remorseless. Liar. Cheater. A talent high flyer with no qualms about breaking the rules to get ahead.
  • Shepard Sachs

    Shepard Sachs

    Renaissance artist and celebrity fashion blogger Shepard Sachs. Famous for his on again, off again tag team and creative partnership with Calvin Mode.
  • Sledge Ewing

    Sledge Ewing

    Sledge is a man without guile, subtlety or even basic tact. He speaks plain, shoots straight, and hits hard.
  • Strychn9ne


    Sadistic, hardcore-leaning scrapper. Teams with Agent 0range as BIOHAZARD.
  • T'eo Tiapa

    T'eo Tiapa

    The Lean Mean Philippine. Monster face.
  • Torg Rasmussen

    Torg Rasmussen

    Torg Rasmussen, the Swedish Strongman, is actually Norwegian. Not that anyone pays attention to that distinction. Devastating when roused, but kind of lovable when at peace, Rasmussen is a real bear of a man, and a real beast of a competitor.
  • Typho1d Marie

    Typho1d Marie

    Violent female competitor. Manages BIOHAZARD. Accompanies them in 6 person tags regularly.
  • Vance Romance

    Vance Romance

    Dangerously Sleazy. Thinks he's hot shit. Wouldn't be anywhere without his manager.