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Man, I’ve been to every place that’s worth mentioning and a bunch that ain’t. Gotta pay the bills, you know?

Hm? Shit, pal, anywhere you care to name, really. BWF, TCWC, CWA, UNCS, TKO, NMGW, SWAT

Yeah, yeah, I worked SWAT, yeah. Dallas, right? Back when it was still SWAT, before the buyout and rebranding and all that shit. What? Yeah, whatever you wanna know. It’s your interview.

Back in old days, they called it Superstar Wrestling Association of Texas. Ran out of the old Sportatorium downtown Dallas. That building was one of a kind… before the fire, mind.

There’s rumors, though. Something from the front office.

Southwest Athletics & Grappling Arts All Pro Wrestling (SAGAA Pro) – A mid-size independent wrestling organization operating out of Dallas’ legendary and newly rebuilt Sportatorium. Moderately successful and already established in the North Texas area, SAGAA Pro is moving into the Pay-Per-View market, producing monthly internet PPVs for fans outside their local market.

The jump to iPPV is looming, and is seen by everyone in the company as something of a new beginning. Talent push and politick for spots, creative begins sketching out the first show in the new era of SAGA, and management has high hopes for this new push. Who will get over? Will the company grow? Only time will tell.

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